So where do I hardy up all my beauty needs? I guess you could say that I don’t really spend hundreds of dollars on expensive high end makeup products. Maybe once in awhile, but~ that doesn’t mean I dream of owning an entire Sephora store to myself..

Sephora store
I mean look at this wonderland..

I do pick up a few things here an there while at Sephora…maybe once a year for my free gift. OR when I have gift cards…jk. I actually was in there the other day and went in JUST to look, but ended up walking out with 5 products (one being my birthday gift) and $80 missing from my wallet. I guess if you think about, 80 bucks doesn’t seem a lot for 5 products from them..thats how much ONE foundation in there can go for..maybe. I did get a few Sephora brand items and the infamous Anastasia dipbrow pomade, which I hear SO much about.

Check it out here -> Anastasia DIPBROW Pomade

Thats just one of the few Items I picked up, yet the most excited about. I might create a separate review blog on that! stay tuned

But what I want to talk about is mainly where I prefer to get all my cosmetic needs. Why I love these places, My go-to places, which, as you can see from the logo’s I posted Target and Walgreens seem to be on my main list. I mean, who doesn’t love drug store make-up 🙂


Just call me the queen of Walgreens. Literally. I LIVE at this place, and not just for my beauty supplies but for really everything else…The perks about Walgreens drugstores is their reward program! Become a member and you get discounts on almost anything, than sometimes at checkout you get hit with the “You have a million points to use, would you like to take $4000 off your total of $25.56?” WHY YES I DO. Thank you Walgreens for helping me save money, so I can come back tomorrow and spend it again.

But what exactly do I get when I’m here? Walgreens has a plethora of make-up brands from L’oreal to Maybelline, Milani, covergirl. All products I use and love. They also have a wonderful wall of cosmetic tools! All for great prices, I love the eco-tools line and I always end up running into really good deals on them, So I take the chance and grab a few of their brushes. I don’t really over do It with the make-up here because they areee a bit pricy when it comes to foundations, primers, and all the main facial products, and I noticed the Walgreens by me lacks brands like ELF,Physicians Formula and NYX. <- my top 3 fav drugstore brands. Typical Walgreens. Besides all that, grabbing things like facial cosmetics, and body necessities when the sale arises is a must cause you can really save money !


Target, Tar-Jey, not sure how people pronounce it…

The holy grail of all department stores, who doesn’t love Target?? Personally I’d live here.


But really, they have the most amazing make-up section!…besides the one I live in because every time I go up there it looks like a tropical storm whipped through the isles throwing the products around the shelves. It’s always a mess. ALWAYS. But its so much fun going in there and finding things you don’t really need but gotta have anyways. It’s especially hard for me not to spend money at target seeing as I work in the mall that it’s in….

Target make up.jpg

This photo was taken from google…because my Target is too embarrassingly messy to take photos of. But this isle makes me the happiest human.

Anyways, I love coming here to pick up my everyday makeup supplies, mascaras, eyeliners, finishing sprays, bb creams, sometimes foundations because I typically try to get those from Sephora. But I do love the Maybelline, covergirl, and L’oreal brand foundations. So far my favorite has been the Maybelline Infallible pro-matte foundation. Heard good things about it, so I headed over to the T and grabbed myself a bottle. Was very pleased with the results, smooth coverage, long lasting and not oily at all hence the matte~

Check it out here.-> Infallible pro matte foundation


You know what I have noticed about the difference in shopping at drugstores,department stores and higher-end make up stores?

~You feel less guilty to spend MORE money at a higher-end cosmetics store rather than a department store.

Why do I say that?- Because walking through sephora I saw myself grabbing more items quicker than how I grab them walking through Target or Walgreens. As strange as it may seem, my entire mind set thinks completely different when In both places.

Target: “Damn Target, 12 dollars for a foundation?? Idk if I should…”

Sephora: “I need a new foundation, wheres the Yves Saint Laurent section Oh $400 isn’t so bad. I really need it.” (thats not how expensive they are btw…)

That’s pretty much how I felt walking through Sephora, Even though the  4 products I got totaled $80..I still go through Walgreens and double take when going to spend $25 on 8 items that fall into the same category.

I’m sure we’ve all felt the same. But when It comes to beauty all of us girls know that when we need it, we gotta have it.

to glam to give a damn

So tell me ladies, where do you prefer to go? Are you a high-end queen or a Target store princess. Or BOTH! like me 🙂

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